wrong wavelength

by paradigmsearch.hubpages.com

Remember my 6-word flash sci-fi stories?  Knowing how much you enjoyed those, here are some fresh ones:

  • On Mondays they turned gravity off.
  • A paper world. Suddenly, it rains.
  • “Can you hear me?” said Google.
  • Cat carrier reviews. Schrödinger’s mixed results.
  • My rigor mortis makes this harder.
  • Mars Curiosity killed Schrodinger’s cat. Again.
  • We served Men. They tasted terrible.
  • No taxes? The Overlords were worshiped.
  • Apocalypse. “Again! Again!” said no one.
  • When the Earth died, I shrugged.
  • They told me dying was easy.
  • FOR SALE: Human brain, never used.
  • Welcome mat gives vampire implied invitation.
  • Purchasing your future was never easier.
  • Everyone hates the morning wormhole commute.
  • Auto-correct should never time travel.
  • Circle your current condition: alive / other.
  • “I literally died,” was not malapropism.
  • A burning world is surprisingly cold.
  • Gazing at stars. They gaze back.
  • The survivors fell through space. Forever.
  • The last man alive was surrounded.
  • Headline: Psychic belatedly predicts own death.
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