Following everyone’s private and public feedback on the cover of my new book, an anthology of short sci-fi stories, I’m pleased to report that I’ve now made more changes. No one can accuse me of ignoring your feedback, as I’ve changed the cover colours, images and font, as well as the book’s title and content!

Erm, no, actually that last bit’s unchanged. For now, anyway, as I still wait to receive my final beta-readers’ emails (reminder: send it to so I can send them an ARC. In the meantime, the first ARCs have already been shipped, and I’ve arranged for the editor, Lorelei Logsdon, to receive the final edit later this month.

Many thanks to everyone who helped with their feedback, namely The Story Reading Apesallyember (waiting for your ARC email!), M T McGuire (yours, too, mate!), kanzensakura, and of course my dears, MMJaye, Frostie, Elle Boca, Nat Russo, Dormaine G, Lorelei Logsdon and my fiercest critic, Electra (yes, all these wonderful people helped out. It takes a village, as they say).

Exciting times, then, and here is the final contenders! The book is scheduled to be published early May, so please help me choose!

Final Cover, The Power of Six

“windscreen” option

Final Cover, The Power of Six

“aurora” option