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Fairy, Texas by Margo Bond Collins, is a YA Urban Fantasy book.  It is a well-written, fast-paced adventure that goes through the genre conventions with gusto, sucking the reader into the story from the start.  I believe any fan of the genre will agree with me this is a 5* book – it had attitude, was fun, and I highly recommend it to all lovers of paranormal mysteries.

So, what is it about?

Laney Harris has just moved to Fairy, Texas. She tries to blend in at her new school, but there little things that throw her. Like the mostly invisible bat wings Mr. Bartlef, the school Counselor, has. Or the fact that her gorgeous classmates, Josh and Mason, both want Laney to be their own personal Yatah, whatever that is. When she witnesses a strange midnight meeting featuring chanting, mentions of her name and a confession to murder, she realizes Fairy is far from the boring little town she thought.

Book Excerpt

Fairy, Texas by Margo Bond Collins“I took a deep breath and stepped forward. I made it halfway down the hall without seeing anything informative—all the doors had numbers over them and many of them had name plaques, but neither of those things did me any good since I didn’t know the name or office number for the counselor. I was almost getting desperate enough to ask Kayla, but of course she was nowhere to be seen.

I turned back from scanning the halls for her and caught sight of the first adult I’d seen—and almost screamed. As it was, I gasped loudly enough for a guy walking past me to do a double take. The man standing in the open doorway was tall, over six feet, and way skinny—so emaciated that it looked like you ought to be able to see his ribs through his shirt, if his shirt didn’t hang so loosely on him. He had white hair that stuck out in tufts, thin lips, a sharp nose, and pale blue eyes that narrowed as he watched the kids walk past—and all the kids gave him a wide berth without even seeming to notice that they did so. He stood in an empty circle while students streamed around him in the crowded hallway.

But none of that was what made me almost scream.

For a moment, just as I’d turned toward him, I could have sworn that I’d seen the shadow of two huge, black, leathery wings stretched out behind him.”

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About the Author

Margo Bond Collins, Author of Fairy, TexasMargo Bond Collins is the author of a number of novels, including Waking Up Dead, Fairy, Texas, and Legally Undead (forthcoming in 2014). She lives in Texas with her husband, their daughter, and several spoiled pets. She teaches college-level English courses online, though writing fiction is her first love. She enjoys reading urban fantasy and paranormal fiction of any genre and spends most of her free time daydreaming about vampires, ghosts, zombies, werewolves, and other monsters.

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