TrollThe big news of the day was author Sarah Daltry throwing in the towel, having had enough of the bullying reviews. In a heart-breakingly frank open letter she addresses these bullies and displays incredible emotional courage in her outburst, baring her psyche and wounds for all to see.

The small news of the day was that I had my first 1* review for Year 18, the first book in my epic fantasy/sci-fi series Pearseus, by someone obviously out to get me (and other Indie authors).  I swear I’m not being paranoid here; he had this to say:

“I took this up – free thank goodness – as I wanted to see what some the Indie authors (sic) were doing. Nicholas Rossis claimed in an article I read to have gone to the top of the Amazon free books in one category. So I read it. It starts in a space ship in the year 2099 just going for a new year’s eve jaunt to the outer reaches of the solar system (we don’t know how), there is an explosion, but happily a nearby planet to land on (not described but obviously earth-like as everyone survives). How such a planet could exist on the outer reaches of the solar system is not explained. There appears to be one giant on this planet and they kill it. It gets worse. I gave up.”

Pearseus reaches #1 on Amazon

Pearseus reaches #1 on Amazon

Now, he (I’m confident it’s gotta be a he) has obviously never read my book, since there is a sad lack of giants in it, the planet is not in the solar system, they use a spaceship, and that vessel is introduced (on page 2) as the first commercial ship with “faster than light” engines, which is explained to mean that it can cover vast distances in the blink of an eye.  As for my “claim” of  Year 18 reaching #1 on Amazon, both my books have, more than once (I thankfully remembered to take screenshots).

Still, the interesting part is that this guy:

1. Sought out my book (which means, people know of it),

2. Has only reviewed two books in total, one of which is mine (naturally, he hated both). I’m therefore genuinely humbled by his attention.

Of course, the real question here is, why are you still reading this post instead of buying one of Sarah’s books? 🙂