I’m starting a new category, at popular request (I know how this is a cliche, but in this case it’s true): Reviews and showcases.

For my first post, I picked a new comic. Chronicles of a Necromancer: Seeds of Destiny (Issue 1) by Jose Arana is the beginning of an adventure following a seemingly ordinary college student, who discovers she is indeed no ordinary girl. In Jose’s words, “experience the magic and mystery of her journey, which includes Greek gods and mythical creatures! From the mind of creator Jose Arana comes a world that you’ve never witnessed before.”

The images below (click to enlarge) are from the first issue of the series. There will be seven issues in total, currently illustrated by Glenn Jones. All seven issues will be self-published on Jose’s website; visitors can buy it there. At the moment, only Issue 1 is available. If you include the cover, it is 8 pages long. When all seven issues have been published, Jose plans to gather them into a single graphic novel. Chronicles of a Necromancer Chronicles of a Necromancer

Visit Jose Arana’s website for more information on the project!

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