book in the countrysideAbout two years ago I was part of a company that wanted to finance start-ups.  I saw quite a few projects and ideas, some of them really amazing -the type that made me go “why didn’t I think of that?” and “Now, that is so useful, I wonder how we managed to live so long without it!”  This line of work didn’t work out, but today I read about a start-up that I wish I had financed because it connects books and smart ideas!

Enter Screwpulp, a service that offers free ebooks -mainly from new authors. The twist is in the interesting constraints that accompany the service:

  • readers can download one book at a time, review it and upload the review. Only then can they download a new book
  • ebooks with good reviews go higher up the list
  • when an ebook has reached 25 downloads, it moves from being free to costing 1$
  • early adopters of an ebook benefit from a better price
  • screwpulp can then be used as a tool to reach the optimum price for an ebook.

So, take a look, and maybe you will soon enough be one of Screwpulp’s new users!




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