book and red bookmarkThere are many sites, blogs and tweets about successfully promoting your new book.  We have all obviously read quite a few of them, but every now and then I find something interesting.  In this case, I was reading a smallbiztrend post and I noted a few unusual suggestions:

  • there are many media opportunities.  We should use as many media opportunities as possible to promote our work.  Videos, photos, online courses, quizzes, live chats, reading time, book clubs, podcasts and so many other communication channels are open to us.
  • leverage reviews early.  Get reviews (hopefully good ones!) before launching the book, so that when you actually launch the book you already have reviews to support it.
  • release a sample chapter.  Always helpful, and a way to tease people to read more. You can distribute it on websites like Writersky or Wattpad.
  • create an email signature, which will define the emails you send to people regarding your book, so that you present a consistent look to your promotion.

There are other tips there – use Linkedin, blog, distribute Amazon ebooks, find the right pricing policy etc, but these four ideas stood out.  I hope they help!