Loving Nate, by Janice G. Ross

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Featured Books


Timelapse by Lorrie FarrellyTimelapse is the story of Alex Morgan; a man who loses his beloved wife in an accident. This sends him into a numbing world of suppressed grief and rage, eased only by a profound bond with his son. Then, disaster strikes again, and his life is shattered a second time, when a chance discovery propels him into a world gone horribly, terrifyingly wrong.

Piecing together clues in this new nightmare, Alex suspects a colleague of taking a few, meddling steps back in time, changing the course of history – and in the process destroying Alex’s family and all he loves. Desperately clinging to his sanity, he searches for any evidence his young son still exists.

Jessica O’Neil is fighting a nightmare of her own, captured and facing execution for freedom-fighting heroics in her grim, oppressive society. When Alex rescues the feisty young rebel, she resists her dangerous attraction to him – a man who’s clearly crazy, literally in a world of his own.

I had to read this modern-day thriller with sci-fi elements because of my afinity for the genre and my love of alternate history and timeslip stories. A fast-paced, page-turning story that promises to keep you on your toes? Count me in!

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In the Beginning

Abby L. Vandiver - In the beginningWho hasn’t heard of the legendary Dead Sea Scrolls? First discovered by Bedouin shepherds between 1946 and 1947, these were scrolls housed in jars in a cave. Numbering almost 1,000 texts, the scrolls are of great historical, religious, and linguistic significance because they include the earliest known surviving manuscripts of works later included in the Hebrew Bible canon, along with extra-biblical manuscripts.

So, when I found out about this #1 best-selling thriller, first in a series and with almost 100 glowing reviews, I knew I had to read it.

In 1997, Justin Dickerson, a Biblical Archaeologist, jumps at the opportunity to attend the Fifty Year Jubilee commemorating the discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls. The invitation to Jerusalem could not have come at a better time. Her life is almost unbearable. Travel, conversation with colleagues, and celebrating the find that stunned the Christian and secular world alike in 1949 promise a wonderful diversion from personal angst.

However, in the bustling metropolis of Jerusalem she learns that some of the 2,000 year old manuscripts, once hidden in clay pots in the caves of Qumran, may have been purposely destroyed. She finds a reference to a chilling ancient text accompanied by the words “God help us,” which sends on a quest to find the original text, buried with the Dead Sea Scrolls in Jerusalem. Obsessed with the discovery, Justin determines to find the truth. Family and an abiding faith are her anchors as she discovers the answer to Earth’s ancient mysteries and what really happened In the Beginning…

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