Our house is filled with books – even in the loos, as I’ve mentioned in the past. My wife still reads the traditional, paper-based books while I usually read on my Kindle.

A while back, I pointed out to her that perhaps we are running out of space and perhaps –hint, hint- she should buy a Kindle for herself and download anything she wants to read.  In order to make my offer more enticing, I pointed out that she would have plenty of space left for all the other things she loves, including boxes and flowers – I had really put a lot of thought into my suggestion and even used some nifty marketing tricks to get her to agree with me.  All  I got was a blank look of mistrust and a few words that sounded like “you don’t understand, you really don’t get it, I want to smell and touch and hold a book …” before she stormed out of the room, huffing and puffing.

Of course, when we go on holidays, she chooses 3 or 4 books to take with her.  Unfortunately, last summer she discovered that the books she had chosen did not “match” the mood of the holidays and found herself having nothing to read.  I, on the other hand, had a Kindle filled with dozens of books and spent hours by the beach or in the garden reading (while she got bored).  Obviously, I did not mention this little incident when I was trying to make her donate – or at least stop buying – new, physical books.

And then, she ran into the Thought Catalog’s Ten reasons why traditional books are still awesome  and read it through.  She showed it to me with a triumphant “see, that’s what I mean” smile. I read it; it was funny and I understood the feelings and sensations people get from a book.  All 10 points were accurate and poignant, in some way.  Still, I can think of as many other points that make e-books awesome.  I have become so accustomed to not using paper, that its absence doesn’t bother me, but I can also understand why people love holding a “real” book in their hands.

So, I promise not to try to change my wife’s mind: we will just have to wait and see how she manages on our next holiday!