I love reading in any format, but there seems to be some friction between ebook and traditional book. According to Bookbaby’s latest data:

  • 28% of Americans read at least one eBook last year.
  • Only 4% of readers are eBook-only, so print books still play the largest role in book sales.
  • 50% of adult Americans (18+) now own either a table or an eReader.
  • 32% of eBook readers are reading on their smartphones.
  • 50% of readers under the age of 30 read at least one eBook in the past year.


Ebook vs hardcopy

So, when I found this great infographic on TeachingDegree, I thought I’d share. What do you think? E-books and print books; friends or enemies? book vs ebook infographic by TeachingDegree