Today is Monday, the beginning of another week of work and despite a fantastic sunshine here in Athens, Mondays are always tough.

20 Things Everyone Wants to Hear from Their PartnerWriting, as always, is my solace but I also need human support and companionship.  Today I heard from a reviewer who, although he was supposed to review my book, thought that it would be a great idea to actually line edit the book.  I am grateful to him for the extreme editing he did, but he failed to make a review and was rather snooty about the editing.  For a moment, there, I felt like a failure because he had made the most pedantic comments about my writing.

I then realized that I just needed a huge hug to tell me that everything is going to be OK and that my book is good and worth reading.  A few hours later I stumbled upon the “20 Things Everyone Wants to Hear From Their Partner” article and I really liked it.  The 20 little things it mentioned were heart-warming and they just felt good to say and hear.  So, today I want to tell my wife “I’ve had a rough day, seeing you will cheer me up”.  And I want a big hug!