Pearseus, Rise of the Prince I have some exciting news for Pearseus fans:

To celebrate the upcoming publication of Mad Water, the third book in the Pearseus epic fantasy series, the first two books will be on various giveaways and promotions between March 20th and 27th. Namely:

On Sunday 23rd and Monday 24th, the first book in the series Year 18: The Schism will be free to download from Amazon.

Between Thursday 20th and 27th, the second book, Rise of the Prince, will be on a countdown deal.  You can buy it for just $0.99 until Monday (normal price: $3.99), then the price goes up to $1.99. You can can download it on Amazon.

Although you don’t need to have read the first book (you can just as easily start reading from book 2), you can now use this opportunity to read the entire series!

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