Cheeky!I really liked this little poster because I find myself reading pretty much everything.  I might be at the doctor’s office and I will be reading -albeit upside down- anything that he might have on his desk.  Or, all around me, I glance at anything that is readable: crumbled papers, torn newspapers, thrown away wrappers… literally, everything (my wife is worse: she can spend an hour reading a map and she actually enjoys it.  I’m quoting “do you know how much info there is on a map? It’s amazing!“).

I now have had the Kindle for about 3 years and keep walking in the house, Kindle in hand, reading and doing all sorts of jobs: preparing the dog’s food, closing the shutters, watering the plants …

So in that sense I am a rebel: I will read, constantly and unstoppably, and if you challenge me by telling me not to read, then I will definitely read it.  And enjoy it, just for the sake of the challenge.  So there!


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