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Some More Archaic Insults

Seeing how much you all enjoy archaic insults, here are some more, courtesy of Dictionary.com. Gobermouch: an old Irish term for someone who meddles in other people’s business. That classic Friends scene would be quite something with goubermouch instead of...

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Creative Writing Competitions

Almond Press has come up with a great list of writing competitions currently running. Here is a selection: Writing Competitions: Upcoming Deadlines Words and Brushes Words and Brushes is a project that brings together writers and artists. Writers will write a short...

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Is The Ebook Market Shrinking?

I was talking to the lawyer of a big publishing house the other day. We were discussing ebooks, and he made the claim that ebooks were just a fad, and one that is dying off at that. Obviously, this surprised me, so I asked him about his sources. “Sector...

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Digitizing A 6-Feet-Tall Atlas

Are you looking for an impressive image to add to your blog? All you have to do is Google for it and it appears, as if by magic, on your screen—even if it’s an image taken from a centuries-old book. Spare a thought, however, for the poor people who have been...

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Choose Your Own Adventure

In my search for reading material for the wee one, I came across a post by Sarah Laskow of Atlas Obscura on “Choose Your Own Adventure” books. These can feel like being lost in a maze and running through twists and turns only to find dead ends, switchbacks, and...

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CreateSpace Stops Selling Books

I’m sure many of you will have received the email from CreateSpace (CS) that announces how their own eStore will cease to serve customers on October 31st. Instead, customers will be redirected to Amazon. CreateSpace explains that the move was made because of...

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Changing My Books’ Titles And Some News

Some News First There have been some interesting developments in my writing career, among which the fact I’m now Editor-in-chief for Azure Fire Publishing (AFP), a US-based non-profit promoting youth-friendly Fantasy and Science Fiction. Even though the position...

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