Infinite Waters now Released in French

Infinite Waters: 9+1 Speculative Fiction Short Stories has probably the strangest history of all of my books. Its launch was marked by the closing of Greek banks and the imposition of capital controls. As a result, instead of a big promo, all I could do was depend on...

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Prepare your eBook and Paperback Using Kindle Create

Last October, I started using Kindle Create to prepare my manuscript for publication and wrote about my experience using Kindle Create to create your manuscript. Amazon has now released an Early Access feature that shows the direction the company wants to take their...

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PDFelement: An Alternative to Adobe Acrobat DC

When I started writing my own books, I realized I also needed to format them. At first, I worked with a graphics artist who handled that for me and sent me a PDF file, ready for upload to CreateSpace. A few weeks after uploading the manuscript, realized I needed to...

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In the Bleak Mid-Winter, a Bonanza

Okay, the holidays are over but the weather in Greece certainly qualifies as bleak mid-winter. If you don't believe me, just check out this photo I took a couple of days ago, showing the wee one in our garden. Yes, that's Athens, Greece (albeit in the northern...

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Fantasy Sub-Genres

When I finished my first book in the Pearseus universe, I was faced with an unexpected problem: everyone kept saying that identifying your genre was important. But my book crossed many genres. It was, essentially, a fantasy tale taking place in the future, with...

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How Therapy Dogs Help Struggling Readers

When I shared here my guest post for Mom's Favorite Reads, Reading Tricks for Kids of Any Age, I was once again impressed by the interest you showed in the subject. One particularly interesting comment was by Missimontana, who shared a link to the Colorado Virtual...

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Bookful, an AR Book App

Augmented Reality (AR) is probably best known from Pokemon GO, a popular game that had millions of players walking the streets staring at their phones, looking for elusive, virtual beasts. Since these beasts could appear pretty much anywhere, from the White House gym...

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Blog Review by ServiceScape

Even though I normally avoid tooting my own horn, I'll make an exception today for the simple reason that this piece of news shows how great YOU are for following my blog! Headquartered in Andover, Massachusetts ServiceScape has been promoting and hosting exceptional...

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Reading Tricks for Kids of Any Age

I recently started a collaboration with Mom's Favorite Reads; a blog created by author Hannah Howe. I wrote a guest post with reading tricks for kids of any age, which Hannah has kindly hosted on her blog. Below is a brief summary of the article. I hope you'll...

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