Making A Hand-Bound Book

Have you ever wondered how a hand-bound book is made? This video by Amin Safaripour shows us how a hand-bound book of poetry is made in Iran:  

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Amazon Advertising: The Machette Effect

In my recent post, Amazon Releases Amazon Advertising, I mentioned an app I use called Machete. I promised to expand on that in a future post (i.e. this one). Machete is an Amazon Advertising (formerly Amazon Marketing Services or AMS) add-on. You install it on your...

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Amazon Releases Amazon Advertising

As you may remember, I've been experiencing computer trouble for the past week, so I've been using Electra's computer. The first time I tried to log in, I was stunned to see a new login screen asking me to specify what kind of Advertising I was interested in: This was...

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Tse’ Hone: A Story-Telling Rock

Writing comes in many forms. I have written in the past about the 13th century student's notes found in Novgorod scribbled on birch-bark or the Roman writing tablet found in England. An unusual kind of a newspaper is reported by the Vintage News. The "Rock That Tells...

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All About Them Books Mid-last-week, I ran into some computer trouble. This still has to be sorted out, so I thought I'd start the week with an awesome video, courtesy of the For Reading Addicts Facebook Group. I hope you...

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Infographic: Timeline of the Far Future

I came across a lovely book the other day--Knowledge is Beautiful. Featured on the Wall Street Journal and The Guardian, this rich 256-page book visualizes captivating and intriguing patterns and connections across art, science, health, and pop. Covering everything...

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