Fantasy is more than dragons

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" I really can't think of another series that tied the world of fantasy and sci-fi together so well since Pern... a truly original viewpoint of fantasy, and I loved it."
~ Riley Westbrook

How Amazon Destroyed Publishing. Or Did It?

In my previous post, How Amazon Destroyed Barnes & Noble, I explained how Amazon (alone) could not be held responsible for the bookstore's troubles. This post addresses another common complaint, that Amazon has destroyed publishing. Again, things are not as black and...

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The Hackable Internet of Things

In my book, A Heaven for Toasters (which, by the way, is FREE until the 20th), a zoomer (flying car) is hacked and made to crash. As with all things futuristic, I based this on current trends. One of these is the so-called Internet of Things: a common language that...

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Carmen Maria Machado on Theme

I was sending some files using WeTransfer the other day, and I saw a link to their blog. Turns out, WeTransfer has a surprisingly interesting blog with many posts related to writing! I found the excerpt below in a recent post titled New Rules of Storytelling. It is by...

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How Many Bits In A Word?

The world has known many languages; some 7,000 are currently spoken. And we use language to inform others. So, are some languages better than others when it comes to how fast we convey information? A group of intrepid linguists set out to find out. How many bits per...

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Are You An Employee Or An Entrepreneur?

Writers with employee mindsets measure their weeks and days by how many hours they’ve worked. Writers with entrepreneur mindsets measure their weeks and days by what they’ve created and how many projects they’ve finished. Which one am I? Which one are you?

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The Indie Writer’s Handbook

I was lucky enough to be sent an ARC for The Indie Writer's Handbook by one of my favorite authors, David Wind. David has included a kind mention to this blog in his book, which is specifically aimed at Indies, hence the ARC. "A great primer for new Indie authors (as...

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10 Ideas to Keep Your Author Blog Fresh

This is a guest post by Ronita Mohan. Ronita is a content marketer at Venngage, the online infographic and design platform. She is an avid reader with an interest in mystery fiction, history, graphic novels, marketing, and diversity. Twitter: @Venngage 10 Ideas to...

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Medieval Books Reenacted

According to DesignYouTrust, a group of Czech students has recreated weird scenes from Medieval books, thus proving that those Medieval scribes did more than just sell all those beers they were producing. You can see the result in the original post but here's a...

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Self-Publishing Basics

This is a guest post by Linda Cartwright. Linda is an educator and a writer on the verge of coming out as an independent author after years of freelancing and ghost-writing. Her darkest secret is that writing is only her second favorite thing to do… after reading. You...

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