First came the alarm. Seconds later, the first explosion. It traversed UES Pearseus, bearing an eerie resemblance to ripples caused by a pebble breaking the surface of a still lake. The shockwave made its way along the ship’s axis in confident, devastating strides that disfigured its elegant form and dismembered its hull, sending twisted pieces of flesh and metal to impregnate the void. Alarms blared while pods shot from the mutilated spaceship, carrying people and equipment to the planet below.



Thank you for visiting my blog!  My name is Nicholas C. Rossis, I’m an author and I blog mostly on writing, publishing and book marketing. I also take part in blog hops and host guest posts and interviews. For some fun reading, don’t forget to visit the Entertainment section! Finally, be sure to check out my work; namely, my epic fantasy series Pearseus and the science fiction short story collection, The Power of Six. Or read for free Pearseus: Schism, the first book in the Pearseus epic fantasy series on Wattpad or WriterSky!

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Latest News

  •  Pearseus, epic fantasy by Nicholas C. Rossis box setMad Water, the third book of my epic fantasy series, Pearseus, is now available on AmazonFor a brief time, its price will be $0.99!
  • Also available: The Pearseus box set (books 1-3) includes all three books published so far, offering excellent value for money. Get your copy on Amazon!

So, I’m an Author now…

A little-known fact about writing your first book: unless you inform others of your intention well in advance, you might find yourself in an awkward position.  Like, when you present your manuscript to your parents so they can read it.  A couple of months later, when you ask if they have read it, your dad will go, slightly annoyed, “no, I’m re-reading Martin’s books right now, so it’ll have to wait.”

Then, a further couple of months later, he’ll call you late at night to say, “great book, son, with some fantastic ideas!  I was totally hooked.  A page-turner; kept me up at night.  You know what this guy did?  He took historical elements from ancient Greece and created a space opera with them.”

And you’ll say, after a brief pause, “what guy?”

To which your dad will reply, in a confused voice, “why, whoever wrote this.  There was no name on the manuscript.”

Now, what I should have said, of course, is something along the lines of “it’s not really a space opera, dad, but more of a dark epic fantasy; a dystopian metaphysical thriller with strong sci-fi elements, where the heroes face tough moral dilemmas, discovering themselves in the process.”

But no-one talks to their dad this way, right?  So all I said, once I managed to stop laughing, was, “I wrote it, dad.  But I’m super glad you liked it even before you knew that.”

About Nicholas

Nicholas C. RossisI was born in 1970 in Athens, Greece.  I love books and write fantasy, children’s books and science fiction.  Except for my books, I have had numerous science fiction short stories published in Greek magazines and in an anthology.

I hold a doctorate in digital architecture from the University of Edinburgh, where I lived for a number of years before returning to Athens, where I currently live with my wife, dog and two very silly cats, one of whom is purring on my lap as I type these lines.

When not reading or writing, you will find me working away at Istomedia, my web development company.

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  1. Hi! thank you for finding and following my blog. Neat site. Looks like a follow on my part as well.

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  2. Glad to hear it kanzensakura, thanks for the follow! :)


  3. That’s so cool! Really made me chuckle. Thanks for following my blog. ;-)

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  4. I love Pearseus Rise of the Prince! Looking forward to reading all of your books :)

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  5. God Bless our fathers! I still can’t get my father to read a copy of the book I gave him 9 years ago! I asked him if he has seen my blog. He said “No, I don’t really get the whole blog thing.”
    I am a great disappointment to him, because he raised me to be a Plastics Engineer, not a cartoonist.
    They love us anyway! We must believe that!

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  6. Hi there, glad to meet you through this wonderful world of blogging

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  7. I’m so glad Joylene Butler posted about you and your books. Great to find your site.

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  8. Wow! This is great! I will definitely return to read more. 👌

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  9. Thanks for following my blog. Am following you as well.

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  10. I just finished following your interview on the Shelf, and decided to check out your blog. I agree with you that our Book Club is a great one. Please check out my blog too at: Jinlobify.Com. I am also following you on twitter, please follow back. Thanks.

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  11. First off – thanks for liking my blog. I jumped over here to have a look and it’s so refreshing to find some warm, down-to-earth writing advice. Thanks very much:)

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  12. Great page, and funny story about your dad! If it makes you feel any better, mine took about 8 or 9 months to even start reading my book, and he did know I wrote it.

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  13. Yes, that’s the best: ““I wrote it, dad. But I’m super glad you liked it even before you knew that.”

    It makes me laughing :-)

    Thank you for following my blog, Nicholas :-)

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  14. Nice to meet you Nicholas and thank you for following my blog! Greetings from Finland, Maarit

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  15. Thanks for following my blog. By reading your about, I now guess I want to be like you when I grow up…

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  16. Thanks for the follow. I found you by way of Chris The Story Reading Ape and your guest post today. I like your (writing) style. I’ll be back.

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  17. Thanks very much for the follow. I am not much of a reader of science fiction, but I do wish you well with your books, and hope you achieve great success.
    Best wishes from England, Pete.

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    • Thanks for the kind wishes and for dropping by! I blog about all things related to blog promotion and marketing except for Indie publishing and writing, so I hope you’ll still find quite a few posts that will be of interest to you.


      • I like the look of the box set in the photo above. It looks like real quality, something desirable. Great work from the marketing people!
        Best wishes, Pete.

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      • Lol – as the marketing people, I can’t thank you enough for your kind comment (I design my own covers) :)

        This one took me all day, but it was worth it, I love the end result, if I do say so myself!


      • In that case, extra congratulations are due. Well done on the design. It is near-perfect for what you are trying to sell. A five-star trilogy box!

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      • Aw, come on now Pete, you’re being too kind, stop it (why are you stopping? Go on!) :D

        I’m glad you like it, let’s hope people go for it. It’s great value for money, and will be even better when Mad Water goes to its regular price of $2.99 (so you pay $3.49 for the bundle instead of $5.97)


  18. A Big Hello Nicholas from HOT Arizona, USA! Thanks for taking a peek at my blog. I’m enjoying reading and exploring yours. And I’m a new fan. I also blog about my 7 1/2 years in recovery, mental illness, and advocate for those who like mw endured childhood abuse & trauma here: http://catherinelyonaddictedtodimes.wordpress.com

    I wish you much Success with your book!
    Author, Catherine Lyon Of Lyon Media & Book Promotions! :-)

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  19. Hi Nicholas, just dropped in to check out your blog. Nice!! I need some ammo (er, I mean some info) for your interview on my blog. Lol! I will be checking you out on all links. I like to get to know my subject better.

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  20. Nice to meet you Nicholas!
    I’ve never been to Greece, but I did attempt to sing in Greek at a Greek Orthodox church in Hawaii (Oahu). Stelio taught me how to pronounce the words, but I don’t think I was that accurate. :) The music was very beautiful.

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  21. Hei Nicholas,
    nice to meet you! I have never been to beautiful Greece, but Klausbernd lived there more than a year and I hope to see it one day too.
    Thank you very much for following The World according to Dina.
    All the best from the North,

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