First came the alarm. Seconds later, the first explosion. It traversed UES Pearseus, bearing an eerie resemblance to ripples caused by a pebble breaking the surface of a still lake. The shockwave made its way along the ship’s axis in confident, devastating strides that disfigured its elegant form and dismembered its hull, sending twisted pieces of flesh and metal to impregnate the void. Alarms blared while pods shot from the mutilated spaceship, carrying people and equipment to the planet below.



Thank you for visiting my blog!  My name is Nicholas C. Rossis, I’m an author and I blog mostly on writing, publishing and book marketing. I also take part in blog hops and host guest posts and interviews. For some fun reading, don’t forget to visit the Entertainment section! Finally, be sure to check out my work; namely, my epic fantasy series Pearseus and the science fiction short story collection, The Power of Six. All of the above of them have repeatedly reached #1 on Amazon.

You can also check out my children’s book, Runaway Smile, and even read it online for free!

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Latest News

  • From the blog of Nicholas C. Rossis, author of science fiction, the Pearseus epic fantasy series and children's booksA little boy wakes up in the morning and realizes he has lost his smile. After spending the entire day trying to find it, he learns the truth behind smiles: the only real smiles are the shared ones.

    Runaway Smile is my first children’s book and it is finally here, after two long years of preparation! Just for the wonderful people following me on my blog, I have posted it online, where you can read it for free! If you enjoy it, feel free to share with your friends – or even get a copy for you or the wee ones in your life on Amazon or Createspace! :)

  • The Pearseus bundle (books 1-3) includes all three books published so far, offering excellent value for money. To celebrate the holidays, it will be only 99c throughout DecemberGet your copy on Amazon or read for free Pearseus: Schism, the first book in the Pearseus epic fantasy series on Goodreads, to see if you enjoy the premise – and my writing.
  • Back in October, I gave my first live interview! I was interviewed by Sally Sue Ember for her live show, CHANGES on Google’s Hangout. For some reason we ended up talking mostly about religions, philosophy and reincarnation. You can watch the interview here!

So, I’m an Author now…

A little-known fact about writing your first book: unless you inform others of your intention well in advance, you might find yourself in an awkward position.  Like, when you present your manuscript to your parents so they can read it.  A couple of months later, when you ask if they have read it, your dad will go, slightly annoyed, “no, I’m re-reading Martin’s books right now, so it’ll have to wait.”

Then, a further couple of months later, he’ll call you late at night to say, “great book, son, with some fantastic ideas!  I was totally hooked.  A page-turner; kept me up at night.  You know what this guy did?  He took historical elements from ancient Greece and created a space opera with them.”

And you’ll say, after a brief pause, “what guy?”

To which your dad will reply, in a confused voice, “why, whoever wrote this.  There was no name on the manuscript.”

Now, what I should have said, of course, is something along the lines of “it’s not really a space opera, dad, but more of a dark epic fantasy; a dystopian metaphysical thriller with strong sci-fi elements, where the heroes face tough moral dilemmas, discovering themselves in the process.”

But no-one talks to their dad this way, right?  So all I said, once I managed to stop laughing, was, “I wrote it, dad.  But I’m super glad you liked it even before you knew that.”

About Nicholas

Nicholas C. RossisI was born in 1970 in Athens, Greece.  I love books and write fantasy, children’s books and science fiction.  Except for my books, I have had numerous science fiction short stories published in Greek magazines and in an anthology.

I hold a doctorate in digital architecture from the University of Edinburgh, where I lived for a number of years before returning to Athens, where I currently live with my wife, dog and two very silly cats, one of whom is purring on my lap as I type these lines.

When not reading or writing, you will find me working away at Istomedia, my web development company.

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  1. I actually chuckled when reading that part about your dad. XD

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  2. syndathim said:

    Cheers for the follow! Looking forward to seeing more of your stuff. :)

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  3. Thanks for following one of my two blogs. Enjoyed visiting you and will be back. Given your interests in religion etc you may find the other more cogent. You can find it here http://involution-odyssey.com/ ( Quite a bit about the Greeks- pre-Socratic particularly!)

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  4. You have a wonderful blog. I will enjoy reading, and understanding you better as time goes on. Thank you, so much for the follow! <3

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  5. Hi Nicholas – thanks for following my blog! I think we’ve already “met” on Twitter. You’ve got a lively and interesting blog and I’m going to continue to explore..

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  6. Happened to come across your website while following links. Interesting stuff. Sounds like you know what you are talking about. Which is good. This is probably much too cheeky of me, but I, too, have done some writing. In fact, my novel, “The Gift Horse” was just published by Absolutely Amazing eBooks. Yes, the title refers to the Trojan Horse of the Greek & Spartan 9-year war but the story is modern … with a little sci-fi thrown in. I see no reason to make all sci-fi set in the future. In fact, most of my sci-fi stories are set in the present. The future does start now (or even earlier.)
    All success to you.
    Best regards,
    Leslie Silton
    Author:”The Gift Horse”

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  7. Thank you for visiting my blog and liking one of my posts! Blessings, Natalie :)

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  8. Now I see that you have chosen to follow my blog as well. Thanks, I’m looking forward to getting to know you. N :)

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  9. Thank you for the follow, I look forward to reading your blog too!

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  10. Hi Nicholas, I appreciate the visit and follow :-) Thank you

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  11. Hi nickolas … Thankyou for opening the doorway to my blog ( it’s rather new )… And for following … I’m happy to be in your orbit of epic fantasy…xx

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  12. Loved the bit about your dad reading your book , enjoying it and not actually knowing you were the author , that must have made you very happy , we all love our dads to acknowledge our merits , makes it even more authentic when they don’t realise the praise they are giving out is for their son or daughter and the son hears it.

    Kind Regards Kathy Burke. Happy Days..

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  13. I started peeking and enjoyed myself…looking forward to a quiet moment, actually a few long quiet moments which are few and far between in my home, to read more. Thanks for sharing!

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  14. Hi! I just wanted to inform you that I had to close my old blog “Panic Yesterday” which you kindly followed. If you would like to follow or just visit my new blog, please click on the link http://cecilia1964.wordpress.com/
    I wish you a very nice day!

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  15. Good to meet you. Thanks for the follow. <3

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  16. Congratulations on your many successes, Nicholas! Hard-earned!! You wrote, “But no-one talks to their dad this way, right? So all I said, once I managed to stop laughing, was, “I wrote it, dad.” Darling <3

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  17. Thanks for the like and the follow! I found you through a link over at the Yeah Write coffeehouse. I have really enjoyed reading your tips for writing. I’ve just got a little personal blog, but I’d like to improve how I write, so thanks! Looking forward to reading more here!

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  18. Thanks so much for following me Nicholas. I look forward to doing the same. :)

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  19. I enjoyed reading your blog, and what you said about your Dad’s response was priceless. As I’m one year into my blogging journey I’ve shared my blog on social media. I’ve had family respond with comments like good read, love it, but the most endearing to my eyes, and funny bone are “did you really write this, I didn’t know you could do that?” 😉

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  20. I voted for you, Nicholas.

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  21. Hi Nicholas! Enjoyed my visit here, especially the story about your Dad…priceless! I’ll be back and i can tell you, just by the blurbs I’ve read about your books, I will be purchasing, starting probably with The Power of Six. Sounds intriguing and I’ve always loved sci-fi! Wait….ok, ok, Zoe! Zoe’s been head-butting me, wants to say hello to you too! Bossy feline…

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  22. I am so glad to meet you. I just blogged a little concept on a children’s book on the Yeti. If you get a chance take a look. I would love some insight.

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  23. Third chapter done on Yeti. I named the Yeti, Yedi. Love some insight.

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  24. thanks for folowing my blog. :-D

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  25. :)

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